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Sub-consultant management, powered by IAND.

Designed for project managers managing sub-consultants to partner, team and collaborate with on projects. 

Save time.

Reduce Risk.

Simplify collaboration.

IAND has resulted in a step change in the way we engage with and manage our supply chain relationships.

Gordon Bain MCIOB, 
UK Head of Supply Chain Partnerships. 


The "PM friendly" SRM platform

Project buying is different. The buying of services and management of relationships is distributed across an organisation. You are having to meet clients' supply chain requirements, as well as your own. And you work with suppliers in a broad range of ways - from teaming on joint bids to buying surveys on projects. 

And project managers (PMs) are the engine room of your business, every hour counts. So project managers need a system that is quick and simple to use. This is where we help.


Unlock visibility on your supply chain

IAND works with your finance system to give you full visibility of all the suppliers you are working with, their projects & spend. Giving you rich insights on your supplier ecosystem. 

Map based sourcing makes it simple to find & work with local SMEs. Track your suppliers' impact with integrated ESG reporting.


Automate admin - save project teams' time

Reduce delivery risk - see suppliers' past project performance to inform selection & track during delivery.

Increase billable hours, save PMs' time with IAND doing the admin for you. IAND is PM friendly and easy to use.

Automates the processes you already have in place. Reduce cost, improve compliance with a full audit trail.


Configure IAND to your QMS goals

Super users have access to a rich Super User suite where you can personalise your portfolio to your company goals. From a homepage profile through to custom performance questions. 

Flexible templates for compliance documents and approvals make it easier to manage the needs of both your internal QMS requirements as well as additional project specific information sets. Making it easy to work in the way that works for you.


The Anglian SPA Alliance is improving collaboration and achieving 85% operational efficiency gains.


Award winning technology

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply Chain awarded IAND the Best Supplier Relationship Management Initiative. 

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