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From desktop to mobile you have all insights to hand. At all times. 

We develop our platform with robustness and scalability in mind. Enabling you to configure the platform to meet your unique goals with robust security protocols to keep your data safe.


Designed to fit with your existing systems & ways of working.


IAND works with your existing systems, including finance and procurement, preventing duplication and maximising insight.

Secure cloud platform

No installation cost.

Work anywhere - the IAND platform works on tablet, mobile and desktop.



Configure automations to meet your business goals - from performance feedback targets to reporting on social value goals.


Intuitive design

Project Manager friendly - the IAND platform is easy to use to maximise adoption and save users time. 

The IAND platform really helps on delivery of the project. It is streamlined and easy to navigate – the deadlines and reminders make it easy for me to keep track of my tasks.     

Niagara Dike

Project Assistant,Weston Williamson



Security is at the heart of IAND. We fully integrate security into all our business processes, from software development and quality assurance to our recruitment & staff training programmes.

  • Private portfolios for each customer. HTTPS protects sensitive data transmitted.

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • The IAND Warrant permission system locks down access to information.

  • Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.

  • GDPR compliant..


Use on the move or at your desk. The IAND platform is hosted on the cloud and any user with access to the internet and a compatible browser can access the service.

  • Web-App - responsive design

  • Full functionality on your mobile incl. iPhone or android device

  • Supported browsers incl: Chrome, Safari 9+, Microsoft Edge, Firefox


Permissions and user management. Simple to see and manage your teams responsibilities and control access rights.

  • Control permissions - with 5 levels from super users through to supplier directory. 

  • Simple to onboard, off board & reassign user responsibilities.

  • You can lock access to individual projects & opportunities to only the few members of the direct project team for enhanced commercial & security control.


Personalise your portfolio to meet your business goals. Simple to update when things change.

  • Create a custom profile & information about your company & goals.

  • In your management suite, manage and update your settings, from your performance feedback questions to templated compliance documents.

  • Rich features to de-duplicate supplier profiles across finance records.


From self-serve resources on the IAND academy, to a team who can help you out.

  • Online guides & resources 

  • Training videos & packs

  • UK based support desk | chat | phone | email


Ensuring you can access the information you need at all times.

  • As a cloud service, IAND is available at all times.

  • We aim for and have achieved in excess of 99.99% availability with the exception of pre-planned and notified maintenance over the past 12 months.



Automate your balanced scorecard. Track delivery to efficiency & impact goals.


Balanced scorecard

100% visibility of your suppliers, projects and spend. Onboard suppliers for enhanced insights. 

  • Integrated ESG reporting 

  • Track performance trends

  • Review supply chain capacity incl. SME stats

  • Searchable map & list  views

  • Download data at any time

Performance management 


See suppliers performance across contracts and track trends on both your & your suppliers performance.

  • 360 degree performance feedback

  • Configure questions to your needs

  • View performance over time

  • Deep dive on questions & suppliers

  • Spot risks early, get projects back on track

Account Management 

Simplify supplier meetings, with all information to hand, at any time. SME friendly.

  • Single profile for each supplier, all info to hand.

  • Onboard suppliers to collaborate

  • Track “my suppliers”

  • Integrated messaging & document sharing

  • Set and manage supplier categories


Commercial controls


Single source of information, from contractual agreement through to delivery, incl. performance.

  • Hold contracts in shared project space

  • Manage change requests

  • Track budget vs. spend

  • Manage project team members

  • Upload and approve deliverables

Quality & compliance


Automate your QMS workflows – improve compliance, reduce risk & save time .

  • Configure to your quality standards

  • Fully automated request & renewals workflows

  • Document storage & approvals audit trail 

  • Segment suppliers according to risk

  • Report on supply chain spend under control

Supplier engagement


Simple to keep your supplier up to date – with integrated contacts database.

  • Communicate with all  suppliers

  • Share documentation with all/cohorts of suppliers

  • Manage Framework suppliers

  • Keep contact details up-to-date


That partnerships drive innovation and growth. That there are great companies big and small & collaboration is the future.

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