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Supplier relationship management, powered by IAND.

Helping supplier management teams manage frameworks and supplier relationships at scale.

Save time.

Reduce Risk.

Simplify collaboration.


Award winning technology

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply Chain awarded IAND the Best Supplier Relationship Management Initiative. 

We make it simple to collaborate as one team. 

When managing services, 80% of the risk is post-procurement, as you are buying a promise not a product. And with project delivery managed by teams across the business it can be hard to see how suppliers are performing and gain the insight to drive improvementsThis is where we help.


Plugging the systems gap

A system designed for SRM - plugging the gap between your procurement and finance systems. 


We give you full visibility of all your suppliers, projects and spend. Giving you insight on the teams across your business who are managing suppliers on projects, everyday.


Capture performance, automate reporting

With IAND's 360° performance feedback you can see how suppliers perform across contracts as well as how their performance trends over time. Gain insight on what actions you can take to further drive performance, with feedback from your suppliers. 

From charts and tables, to maps and stats you can gain a rich picture of how your supply chain is delivering to commercial, SME and social value goals all in one place. 


Simplifying communications & account meetings

Share updates with your suppliers in a single click. No need to maintain separate contacts lists.

Account meetings made easy. All information in one place & up-to-date with integrated collaboration tools.


The Anglian SPA Alliance is improving collaboration and achieving 85% operational efficiency gains.

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