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Ecosystems for alliances, powered by IAND.

The IAND platform gives you a single place to build & collaborate with your supplier ecosystem across all Alliance partners.

Save time.

Reduce Risk.

Simplify collaboration.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng
IAND meets all of our needs, yet is still a light and easy system to use. The data that IAND delivers has been a powerful enabler to drive performance.

Kevin Cory
Supply Chain Ecosystem Lead, Anglian SPA

We make it simple to collaborate as one team. 

It is hard to manage a single supplier ecosystem when working as a joint venture. Each partner has their own systems and processes, so data remains stuck in email and excel. This wastes time, creates risk and makes it harder to deliver on project goals. This is where we help.


One place to manage your supplier ecosystem.

From personalising your portfolio to your alliance goals to the onboarding and management of your suppliers, IAND provides a single place to manage your end-to-end supplier relationships.

You can see which suppliers are working across multiple partners and see how many local SMEs you are working with. Giving you the data to hand to drive great decisions.


Track delivery to your alliance goals.

Always see the full picture of your suppliers, projects and spend. IAND provides rich reporting so you see everything being delivered. At all times.

Integrated 360° performance feedback helps you monitor performance to your alliance goals. Responsive reporting helps you track trends across your ecosystem and for individual suppliers to tackle any risks early, helping you stay on track.


Fast to start, simple to use.

We understand the challenges of delivering projects in the infrastructure & built environment sector - as that was our day job. Which is why IAND is designed and built to support project teams. ​

It's simple for project teams to pick up and use, which saves time and hassle. As a plug-and-play web app, IAND can be used by your teams in the office or on site, as it works on mobile, tablet and desktop out of the box. 


The Anglian SPA Alliance is improving collaboration and achieving 85% operational efficiency gains.


Award winning technology

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply Chain awarded IAND the Best Supplier Relationship Management Initiative. 

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