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How’s business? If it’s hard to answer, read on…

Updated: Jun 3

How IAND can supercharge your existing ways of working to drive impact.

Why is it so hard to see how projects and contracts are performing? You’ve got great people and processes so why is it so hard to see what's happening with your suppliers, and where there are delivery risks.

So what's the problem?

Getting things done in enterprises relies on the delicate balance of people, process, technology and data. Every organisation I work with has comprehensive feedback processes written in their business or quality management systems as well as project managers and suppliers full of ideas on how to improve partnerships and relationships. So the people and process pieces of the puzzle are in place.

You may have a great procurement system. But the challenge is that with services contracts, 80% of the risk and the ability to maximise value is in the delivery of the contract. At the procurement stage, organisations are only buying a promise from their suppliers. We all know that capturing regular feedback and sharing this with colleagues is key to driving commercial success, by doing more of what works and course correcting issues early.

But - clients come to IAND because the admin of requesting, capturing and reporting on feedback is just too great. Feedback is given in documents, spreadsheets or emails. Or simply not at all.


  • The impact on your team morale and productivity by saving 90% effort on feedback.

  • The insight you could uncover and act on if you could see feedback by team, supplier, category and topic.

  • Having a system so easy to use that your team require no training.

  • Seeing previous performance when making sourcing decisions.

  • Breezing through ISO audits on collaboration (44001) because tech has done the heavy lifting.

IAND enables and scales your existing feedback processes and enhances the experience and good intentions of your staff through technology and data. Getting your people, process, technology and data balance right - giving you the visibility on what's going on and the ability to take action.

Interested in finding out more? Do get in touch with me at

Joanna Vinall

Head of Customer Success @ IAND

About me:

I have 17 years in Consulting and Scale-ups delivering commercial and operational results.


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