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Product - New location features

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

IAND’s new Location features provide a real-time map of your supplier ecosystem. Making it easy to have an overview of all your suppliers, spot any gaps in your SME supply chain, and support placed based growth by procuring from local SMEs.

This forms part of our commitment to help companies unlock value from their suppliers and work with SMEs at scale. The platform integrates with your existing systems to give 100% visibility on your suppliers from day one. Making it easier to drive innovation, build resilient supply chains and meet social value targets on projects and programmes.

The new location feature forms part of the Core IAND platform, supporting end-to-end supplier management. From analytics on your full supply chain performance, to collaborating with suppliers from bid to delivery. Key benefits include:

1. Improved supplier sourcing

  • Easy to switch between list or map view when searching for suppliers

  • Filter by SMEs, or sectors and services to quickly shortlist potential candidates

  • Filter by location, or simply zoom into the map to see the companies located in each region

2. Evidencing social value

  • How many new businesses & SMEs are in your supply chain?

  • Quickly show the number of companies, and spend by companies in each region

  • See the innovation delivered by suppliers

3. Maintaining a resilient supply chain

  • Where in the UK are companies at risk?

  • Are there gaps in services by region?

  • Do we have enough SMEs in our supply chain for resilience?


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