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IAND platform: what does this mean for me?

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

We are excited to be able to let people know that as of now Indigo& has a new name – IAND.

The platform has been changing rapidly over the past year and we felt that its new look – clean, crisp and intuitive on every platform – justified a cleaner, crisper name.

Logins Your existing login details will continue to work.  If you need to reset your password this can be done on the login page

Links If you have existing links stored or e-mails that we have sent with links in them then they will be automatically redirected.

Company The company name remains Indigo & Limited.  Only our trading name has changed from Indigo& to IAND

Ownership The ownership of Indigo & Limited has not changed.

Team The team behind IAND has not changed.  You will still get the same great service.


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