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Product specifications


The IAND digital platform helps companies to optimise supplier collaboration on projects and frameworks to deliver targets on performance, social value and innovation. 

Easy to get started, the platform integrates with your existing ERP systems giving you full visibility of your projects and suppliers from day one - so you are ready to collaborate at scale. 



Real-time business intelligence on performance, social value and innovation.

  • Innovation

  • Social value

  • SME spend

  • Performance

  • Supplier scorecard

  • Risk

  • Spend

  • Compliance

  • Programme delivery


Optimise your supplier ecosystem, with full visibility of individual supplier relationships.

  • ERP / SRM integration

  • Intuitive search

  • Simple onboarding

  • Supplier intelligence

  • Showcase skills & services

  • SME friendly


Simplify the management of bids, challenges and frameworks.

  • Mini tendering

  • 1:1 messaging

  • Document management

  • Integrated approvals

  • Notifications

  • Automated audit trail


Light touch project controls. Collaborate on delivery and reduce project risk when managing contracts, compliance and team performance.

  • Automated programme reporting

  • 360° performance feedback

  • Contract management

  • Financial history

  • Document controls

  • Innovation

Integrations & automation

Integrating with your ERP or SRM systems, the IAND platform auto-populates all companies and projects giving you full visibility of your existing supplier relationships from day one. You choose which suppliers to onboard for full collaboration.

  • Automated audit trail. Full history of decisions and automated filing of documents.

  • Tailor your account to customise your portfolio.

Joint ventures & integrator organisations

The IAND platform is built for collaboration. One place for joint venture partners to manage your joint supplier ecosystem. The platform integrates data across multiple ERP systems to give your programme a single picture on spend.


That partnerships drive innovation and growth. That there are great companies big and small & collaboration is the future.

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