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Product - Q2 new features & what’s coming soon

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

New features support new procurement regulations on social value, carbon & innovation. See what’s on the drawing board.

Major new product features


Automating the collection and reporting of Suppliers' Carbon, Innovation and wider Social Value data to support progress towards ESG goals and evidence compliance to new UK procurement regulations: PPN 06/20, PPN 07/20, PPN 05/21 and PPN 06/21.

Feedback 2.0

Customise feedback on your portfolio and capture the metrics that matter to you - from new social value measurements to safety performance.

Tech improvements

Performance upgrades

  • Backend dependency upgrades to optimise platform speed and resilience.

  • Technical upgrades to improve site performance.

What’s coming soon

  • Enhancements to compliance functionality to streamline controls

  • New support platform

  • Improved reporting and platform navigation

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