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Spotlight: 360° Project Feedback

The Indigo& platform is designed to support smart partnerships. In this blogpost we highlight how our platform can improve relationships and aid collaboration through our 360° review system Project Feedback.  Project Feedback is designed to capture feedback from the entire project team on a regular basis, to highlight what is working well and where there is room to improve. This short 360° survey asks you to rate and give feedback on collaboration and recent performance, from both client and supplier side. You set the frequency of surveys, and we handle the collating and reporting of information. 

Easy to set up - activate for each project To ensure that each project is optimised for success, we encourage every project to include Project Feedback. Activating is quick and easy. Simply choose the from monthly or quarterly data collection, and we'll email all users involved in a project to request feedback. It's that simple.

Act on feedback Once feedback is collected, Project Feedback is published on the project page for the team to read, discuss and act upon. Those with access to Insights get additional reporting and full portfolio performance including Supplier Scorecard and Collaboration Score. Ongoing, regular feedback means teams can track performance over time and also provides robust evidence of collaborative working for ISO 44001. 

Benefits summarised:

  • Save time and effort to produce performance reports

  • Pick up on issues quickly

  • Uncover success factors

  • ISO 44001 compliant

Project Feedback is available on every project, as part of using our platform. Contact us at to find out more about Project Feedback, and how to join our platform. 

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