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Platform - new navigation features

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Next time you visit our platform you will experience a new way of navigating our platform, and improved access to your supplier companies and projects. 

A new navigation

Our new navigation is designed to make it easier and faster to access key information.

Key changes:

  • Companies: You can now access all supplier companies in one place, with clear visibility of risk and spend. We have maintained access to Marketplace, now available as Key Accounts.

  • Projects: Get easy overview of all projects. Our new index page lets you browse, filter and search projects, teams and project suppliers. This is also where you can explore Workspaces.

  • Account: Now includes user management within your organisation, to manage access to IAND.

New: Company Index

Explore Company Index for full oversight and risk status across your supply chain. Get detailed company information such as spend, compliance and performance on Company Pages. Benefits:

  • Improved search functionality: search by products and services offered by your suppliers.

  • Understand spend: Explore spend on a company level, including insights on payment days.

  • Understand risk. Our Companies House integration lets you understand risk status in real-time, including Administration and Liquidation status.

New: Project Index

Faster to search and find your projects. Benefits:

  • Improved visibility: all projects in one view with easy visibility into spend, budget and performance.

  • Highlights project risks: we highlight any project that is under performing or over budget

  • Improved usability: search by project name, project team and project supplier name.


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