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Optimising your company profile

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Every supplier on IAND has their own company profile, to showcase products, experience and services to their clients. In this blog post, we’re giving you the tips and recommendations on how to maximise your profile, and an insight into what your client sees, when managing their supply chain on IAND.

Updating your profile

Updating your profile is easy. Simply click ‘Company Profile’ in your main navigation to view, and start editing your page.

1) Ensure key information is up to date This includes important information such as number of staff, locations and company description.

2) Add key point of contact Help your client easily find a point of contact, when browsing and exploring their active supply chain.

3) Use an eye-catching company image. Each company profile includes an image slot to upload your company logo. The logo used is seen by your client on your company profile page, but also on the Marketplace.

4) Include Products & Services Help client users, who are unfamiliar with your company, quickly understand your offering. This is where you can list short descriptions (‘tags’) of your offering. You can include as many as you like, each listing can be linked to an external website or blog.

5) Showcase projects & experience. Include projects and experience that you wish to highlight to your client. These can link to external blogs and websites.

What your clients see: Marketplace Every customer on IAND (your client), has access their own Marketplace on IAND, designed to help them effectively manage their supply chain. If you’re a supplier working with a client on IAND, you’ll be listed on their Marketplace.

Client users can click and explore company profiles, to learn more about their suppliers, projects, products and experience.

Need help or inspiration? If you need help, assistance, or simply ideas or inspiration, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We want to make sure your profile shines.


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