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New Project Page: key features

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Introducing the new project page

The new project page is designed to make it easy to work on projects from day one. With a single place to work, and accessible across all your devices - mobile, laptop, and desktop. 

This update includes a completely new project interface, alongside a range of new features to help you manage projects effectively. This post summarises the key features and how to get the most from the platform, and save yourself some time!


Status: at a glance, see the status of each project.  The financial position, the supplier, and their performance. 

Team: you manage your team (including permissions), your supplier manages theirs. Giving full transparency on who is working on each project and their roles and responsibilites.  Financials

Real-time data on the financial position on each project. Giving you full transparency on both your spend and your commitments. 

Invoices: Receive, approve and track payment status of invoices. Designed to work with your existing ERP system. Plug and Play.  Supplier Deliverables

Making it easy to keep track of deadlines, and ensure suppliers deliver on time. 

Document requests: Request and approve information or deliverables from your suppliers, for example, monthly status updates and technical reports. 

Timesheets: automated requests save you time when collecting and approving weekly timesheets from suppliers, for example on major projects.  

Project Library

A space for your project team to collaborate. 

Links: share links to shared software and project documents. Helping ensure everyone, from day one, can find the info they need. 

Documents: a private space for you to share and request documents with the client team. Ideal for commercially sensitive reports and info. 

Internal Notes

A private space for your client team to record notes and comments on the project. 

Project Feedback

Integrated feedback drives best practice, enabling world-class projects. 

360⁰ feedback:  set up monthly, or quarterly provides both quantitative and qualitative feedback on performance and areas for improvement. Supports ISO44001. 

Contracts and Scope of Services

Providing full transparency on contracts and commercial agreements with your supplier. 

Original contract: required when setting up a project, giving you and your supplier full oversight of the original agreement, costs, scope and contract. 

Contract change: receive and approve contract change requests – all with a complete audit trail. 

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