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Network Rail using IAND to streamline supplier management and engage SMEs

We’re delighted to be working with Network Rail North West and Central (NW&C) on the digital transformation of their supplier relationship management. We’re helping the Region to streamline the management of framework suppliers & engage with local SMEs.

Network Rail NW&C have already gained greater visibility of their supply chain, from spend to performance, and will soon be testing improved ways of working with suppliers.

Suppliers, including SMEs, will be onboarded to IAND and consulted on functionality to ensure value is delivered in the form of operational efficiencies and improved outcomes on programmes.

Network Rail and IAND working together to deliver innovation at scale

Network Rail have been working with & supporting IAND since 2020, from an initial role as advisors to IAND’s Innovate UK project to direct financial support in a seedcorn pilot in 2021.

The seedcorn pilot established the value that the IAND platform can deliver to colleagues both in the NW&C region, the Category Management team as well as direct use by Research Development & Innovation and is now considered to be a critical enabler for their next control period.

Joanna Vinall

Head of Customer Success at IAND

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