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Introducing Insights

In a challenging business environment, infrastructure owners and developers need to be able to act quickly and with confidence. And while rapid advances in technology have put more information at our fingertips, the extraordinary volume that’s available to us doesn’t necessarily make decision-making any easier. That’s why we’ve created Insights. It’s a new digital platform that makes managing multiple projects and a complex supply chain much more straightforward.

No need for spreadsheets. Intelligent and integrated reporting. Insights gives you the data you need, wherever and whenever it’s required. It puts all project, finance and performance information in one place to enable fast, effective, data-driven decision making. Improve transparency. Insights is updated in real-time. It includes live reporting of your current position plus, the tools to manage future performance. Spot risks earlier by using past delivery data to inform upcoming contract decisions. Evidence your impact. By 2022, the UK government plans to spend £1 in every £3 with small to medium-sized enterprises and it’s encouraging collaboration between big businesses and smaller firms in the meantime. You can use Insights as part of your responsible procurement strategy. Track your planned and actual spend on small to medium-sized businesses, local firms and innovation programmes. Build smart partnerships. Insights helps you work more effectively with suppliers by providing real-time insight into their performance. It supports ISO 440001, the new international standard that was developed to promote collaborative business relationships. If you think Insights can simplify your supplier management processes please get in touch


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