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IAND available on G-Cloud 10

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

We’re pleased to announce that IAND is available on the UK government’s Digital Marketplace, as a supplier of cloud software. You can find the IAND profile on G-Cloud 10, here.

What is G-Cloud 10?

G-Cloud 10 is a Digital Marketplace, letting public sector organisations find people, companies, teams and technology for digital projects including cloud and digital services. You can find out more about G-Cloud 10 on the UK government’s website. This means that government bodies, looking for cloud software, can buy services from IAND.

Our profile

Below is a snapshot of our features and benefits:


  • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

  • Supplier Performance Management, integrated 360° feedback supports ISO44001

  • Project control and contract management

  • Risk and compliance reporting, enabling supply chain risk management

  • Innovation Investments portfolio tracker

  • Integrated reporting: % spend SME, local spend, EDI

  • Supplier directory, information and list management

  • Shared project information - documents, links

  • Connects existing project management and collaboration tools

  • Custom integrations and reporting


  • Automation of administration tasks, delivering efficiency

  • Data driven insights, live KPIs reports

  • Real-time risk and performance reporting

  • Intuitive design, responsive to all platforms, mobile or desktop

  • Simple to use, work from day one

  • Full transparency on supplier risk and performance

  • Track ROI on innovation projects, to maximise commercialisation

  • Track end to end performance on projects

  • Integrates with your existing processes

  • Risk reduction, with enhanced governance and compliance

You can find our full profile here.


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