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Crossrail | Maynard Design

Maynard Design is a member of the multi-disciplinary C100 consortium for the Crossrail project alongside Atkins, Grimshaw and GIA Equation. The brief was to design a unified family of products and systems, creating a Crossrail line wide identity. Maynard Design’s aim was to design a modern, minimal, elegant and functional transport environment that enhances the passenger experience.

Each station is designed by a different architectural and engineering team. The work focused on the below ground tunnel environments where a common design language was created with a family of architectural components.

About Maynard Design

Maynard Design has an approach that combines insight, strategy and innovation. Their ability to craft strong relationships with others helps them to create products and environments that better the lives of the people who use them. At any one time, they could be designing architectural components for new transport projects, creating an urban wayfinding strategy or producing their own range of street furniture. Maynard welcomes projects that embrace each step of the design process, from research and strategy to implementation and delivery. Maynard Design joined Indigo& in February this year.


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