The cloud-based B2B supplier relationship platform
with ESG at its heart.


Collaborate. Integrate. Innovate. 

Unlock the power of your supply chain to drive growth, maximise innovation and help SMEs thrive. 

Integrated supply chain intelligence

The IAND integrated supplier analytics & collaboration platform gives rich insight on your supplier ecosystem. Simplifying sub contractor management and providing the integrator platform for alliances. 

track IMPACT
new regulations incl. carbon | innovation | diversity | SMEs | location & place

evidence CONTROL

risk | supplier onboarding | 360O performance | compliance

maximise DIGITAL

systems integrations give 100% visibility - collaborate with suppliers to add value


Real-time insights. Set and track targets for your portfolio and maximise innovation.

"Working with IAND in a smart partnership is a great way to bring value and innovation to our mutual clients."

Marc Longhurst 
Strategy & Development Director


Integrated insights on performance that builds on your existing systems. One integrated portfolio for your programme JV.

“IAND simplifies the process for big corporates and clients to engage with new and scale-up businesses.”

Colin Tattam
Knowledge Transfer Network


Collaborate at scale with 100s of SMEs & specialists. Find, onboard and work with local SMEs and uncover star performers. 

"IAND’s platform gives innovative product and services companies the opportunity to explain the scope and impact of their work."

Sophie Peachey
SME specialist in Digital Twins

Streamline managing bids & frameworks. Simplify delivery, reduce risk and track & deliver social impact.

"The use of the IAND platform to help manage our sub-consultants has significantly improved the efficiency of this process, allowing a single source for the management of project finances as well as the essential 360° feedback on quality, EDI and performance." 

David Cleaves
Director - HS2 Phase 2B: C232 Project Manager


Ensure compliance and optimise team performance.

“The IAND platform really helps on delivery of the project. It is streamlined and easy to navigate – the deadlines and reminders make it easy for me to keep track of my tasks.”   

Niagara Dike

Project Assistant

Weston Williamson

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We believe

That partnerships drive innovation and growth. That there are great companies big and small & collaboration is the future.